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Chi Gamma Xi Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc. 

North Carolina - Georgia - Texas - Virginia

We are a non-collegiate social sorority for women with a dedicated purpose of learning, socializing and contributing by charity to the local community. 

Founded in 2013, we are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and we have spent the past several years building local partnerships throughout the North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Virginia ​regions. 

Our focus has been supporting issues that impact women, girls, and young children in the areas of Homelessness, Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer, Human/Sex Trafficking, Heart Health, Critical Illnesses and much more. 


We are dedicated to enriching the lives of women through socializing, learning and contributing by charity to the local communities.


"Making Our Way In Faith, Accepting Changes and Emerging Brilliantly"


Click here to complete an online application for membership consideration OR Submit an online inquiry form to receive additional information about upcoming membership opportunities. 

SUMMER 2021 

Recruitment in Progress

Join our upcoming Virtual Interest Meeting to learn more about upcoming Membership Opportunities!

Thursday, May 6th @7:30pm EST

Bridgeline: (605) 468-8897

Access Code: 303421

Calls start promptly at 7:30pm and last about 15 minutes

Minimum Qualifications for Applicants are as follows; 

* Applicants must attend an Interest Meeting (in person or virtual session)

* Upon successful completion of attending an Interest Meeting, selected prospects will be invited to complete an online application

* Applicants must successfully pass a criminal background check

* Applicants must be at least 21 years of age

* Applicants should hold an accelerated degree of Bachelors, Masters, or Higher (desired, not required)

* Applicants should have at least 2 (two) years of Community Service/Volunteer Project experience (desired, not required)

* Applicants if selected for membership, must be able to attend monthly sorority meetings

* Applicants if selected for membership, must be able to volunteer a minimum of 2 (two) community service projects per quarter.

* Sponsorship opportunities may be available for candidates that meet alternative criteria 

* Click here  to complete an online application for membership consideration

Ideal Candidates:

* Women with volunteer experience in serving the needs of the community

* Women whom are enthusiastic, self-motivated and self starters

* Women with the ability to consistently demonstrate effective communication skills in writing, as well as orally

* Women that can facilitate effective team interactions

* Women that are solution-oriented with the proven ability to transform conflict into opportunities for building trust

* Women that can develop and sustain relationships that foster bonds

Show Your Support 

With a donation gift of any size, you can help us make an impact by supporting our many initiatives including Homelessness, Human/Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer and more. Thank you!

Chi Gamma Xi Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc. Headquarters

 PO Box 63 | Mooresville NC 28115 | email: [email protected]